Twin Creeks Ranch: Payment Options

1) Direct Deposit: If you are doing internet banking, you can establish us as a payee in your bank's portal. For direct deposit you need the following information.
Email notification. Tab YES. e-mail address
Accnt info.
Royal Bank of Canada
Bank #. 003
Transit# 00160
Accnt. # 1003458
Generally, you only have to set this up once. After that we will reside as a “payee” in your portal.
If you are with RBC, you also have another option under "Pay Bills and Transfer Funds" that allows you to send money to another RBC client.

2) Interact. Again you need to be set up for on-line banking to do this. Of the options, this is likely the fastest and easiest and requires no set up.
Go into "Pay Bills and Transfer Funds" 
Check/toggle “Interact payment” in your portal.
Payee's address:
It will ask you to set up a test question for us to access the payment.
Question: "where does my horse live?" 
Make the answer "2602548ave" (our address; spaces and capitals are not permitted)

3) PayPal/Visa/MC. You do not need to be a member of PayPal and it does not cost you anything.
Log into 
Make sure you are on the "Home" page.
Tab "send money online." The Tab is located near the bottom of the page. 
Checkmark "Buying Something"
In the "To" box put in our e-mail address 
Follow the instructions. 
You can use any major credit card to make the payment.
You can also get into PayPal by clicking on the "Pay Now" button on our invoice.

4) Cheques or Cash. Cheques should be made out to “Aldergrove Twin Creeks Ranch”

Options 1 and 2 & 4 are best for us as we do not then lose our discount to PayPal