Adiva Murphy

Communicating to a horse like a horse.

Adiva Murphy is the BC Director of Western Style Dressage of Canada and the President of the Lower Mainland Western Style Dressage Association along with her certifications as a CHA Master Instructor - Level 4 English & 4 Western she is working hard promoting this new sport in BC. Adiva recently attained her judges card for Western Dressage while at World Western Dressage Show in Tulsa Oklahoma. Adiva is also a Horse Agility Accredited trainer and Judge for the International Horse Agility Club.

Teaching is a passion for Adiva and this has been reflected by two nominations for Coach of the Year in BC. Adiva Murphy Horsemanship is dedicated to training horses and riders at all levels in a gentle yet effective manner. Emphasis is placed on the well-being of horse and rider while upholding classical techniques and presenting a systematic approach of training to the horse based on equitation science. Through this blend the focus is on encouraging a deeper connection between horse and rider with utmost sensitivity and awareness while understanding the biomechanics of the horse and rider. Because of Adivas passion for both English Dressage and the Western disciplines it was a perfect match to become a advocate of Western Dressage.  

Adiva has decades of personal experience with colt starting and correcting problem horses and continues to study from several trainers to improve her skills in all disciplines.