Aja Peterson

I specialize in youth riders and I believe in teaching the young riders of today the importance of horsemanship in and out of the saddle. My business is dedicated to building balanced riders that are both skilled and knowledgeable but also ride with a smile and a true love for their horse.

To me a barn has so many opportunities for young people to feel a sense of responsibility and maybe it can even be a place of refuge for some. I encourage all young riders to dream big and truly believe that no matter what their goals are nothing is out of their reach.

As a young teenager my introduction to horses was love at first sight. At the age of 17 I was very blessed to be mentored by a trainer who took me under her wing and introduced me to the world of horsemanship.

Like a lot of people in this industry my career started with mucking stalls, fixing fences, stacking hay, grooming horses, and everyday around the farm chores. 

My career quickly evolved from regular farm hand duties to training young horses, running summer camps, teaching beginner – intermediate riding lessons, and even aiding in the delivery of foals. I now have certifications in equine nutrition/pasture management, equine first aid and I am a CHA certified riding coach.