Cindy Waslewsky

  • Level 4 CHA Western Instructors certification
  • Level 3 CHA English Instructors certification, (with jumping).
  • NCCP Level II Coach all sports, level I equine
  • BC Certified School Teacher, (earned at UBC ‘84)
  • EC Rider levels 1-3 Western, 1-6 English

Cindy attended Stanford University, where she trained and competed on the Varsity Gymnastics and Ski Teams. After graduating with a BA in Human Biology in ‘82, Cindy worked in Mexico City. Cindy moved to Vancouver to earn a Diploma in Christian Studies at Regent College, a seminary in Vancouver. Cindy then received her BC teachers’ certification from The University of British Columbia in ‘84, and taught in the Squamish Public School system. Cindy is a NCCP level II gymnastics coach and ran both the Squamish Community gymnastics program & the High School gymnastics teams in Squamish. The common thread in Cindy’s life has been teaching, which she loves to do!​
Teaching took a more personal turn as Cindy took on the management of Dryden Creek Resorts, a year round resort built by Cindy and Steve in Squamish. Cindy home schooled their 3 children, worked at the Resort, and introduced their daughters to horseback riding. Adding to Cindy’s love of skiing, hiking and gymnastics, horses became the focus of their family.

As president of the Squamish Valley Equestrian Association, Cindy participated in clinics, horse shows, arena maintenance, and lobbying for equine trail access. 
Cindy continues her love of teaching as a certified English and Western coach. Cindy loves to share her love of horses, the humbling way they build character, and the friendships it nurtures.  

Cindy strives to improve her teaching with creative teaching methods, networking with other coaches, attending and teaching at conferences, studying various riding disciplines and building teamwork between various horses and riders.

Cindy’s passion for teaching, riding and genuine horsemanship is positively infectious. She is loved and respected by her students and peers alike as she passes on her enthusiasm and competence to her students in fun and innovative ways.