The Training Centre

Our 72’ X 72’ covered Training Centre, as the name implies, has been set up to be an ideal location for all aspects of training a horse for show or for pleasure. It is square with rounded corners, which lends itself to long line lounging, liberty work, starting new horses or as an excellent venue for more intimate coaching of inexperienced riders. It is perfectly proportioned to work on that 20 meter loping /canter circle.

The Training Centre is equipped with our signature sand blend resulting in a secure footing for the hard working horse. The center has solid 9 foot high sides which make it safer for the rider and lends the facility a sense of privacy and security for horse and rider.

For clinics, demonstrations and specialized training, we have a 50’ portable rail round pen that can be set up in the Training Centre.

This facility has been greatly appreciated by all who have used it; both professional and novice alike!